Editorial Bridal Portrait

Bride: Aileen Cornelio
Hair and make up: Anton Parañal
Gown: Adrian Rios
Bouquet: Colours and Designs

 photo 00_zpsc2uqw1z9.jpg
 photo 01_zpsmbxfmbeg.jpg
 photo 02_zpszy6pqy21.jpg
 photo 03_zpsi82ngomg.jpg
 photo 04_zpsiivshggv.jpg
 photo 05_zpsev9wzru2.jpg
 photo 06_zpsnm5copvl.jpg
 photo 07_zpss3wwyq0m.jpg
 photo 08_zpsfpke0vmv.jpg
 photo 09_zpsrqmlqoko.jpg
 photo 10_zpsoyean9yj.jpg
 photo 11_zpskpbhvino.jpg
 photo 12_zpsm3b1snig.jpg


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